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Dr. C. C. Chang – Chairman

MSc. in Solid State Electronics, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Ph.D. in Solid State Electronics, Faculty of Technology, University of Manchester

Dr. Chang served several renowned Universities since late 1960s, including University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Chang founded Varitronix International Limited (HKSE0710) in 1978 which were pioneers in technology commercialization in Hong Kong in the 1970s. He was the Chairman and executive CEO of the Company for 27 years and presently remains as an Honorary Chairman. iView Limited was founded in similar business philosophy - to generate resources through commercialization of innovative and high valued added products developed by a strong R & D team.

For his outstanding contribution in academic achievements and community services, Dr. Chang was awarded of different honorable recognitions from various academic institutes, including NBS (presently NIST), United States Department of Commerce, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and NASA for a scientific contribution of a significant value in the advancement of aerospace technology program entitled “Microwave Integrated Circuit for Josephson Voltage Standards”, etc.

He was also a co-author of three patents in two different technical fields. Some of his past community services in the capacity as a Board Member, Director, Advisor and Vice Chairman included the following: Hong Kong Electronics Industries Association, Hong Kong Chapter of Society of Information Displays, Provisional Hong Kong Science Park Company Limited, Council of City University of Hong Kong, Growth Enterprise Market Working Group, Trade Development Council and The Community Chest, etc.

In addition to current role in iView Limited, Dr. Chang keeps, as usual, his active nonprofit making services in academic institutes, professional associations and community welfare associations as well as being an independent director of Fujikon Industrial Holdings Limited (HKSE0927) and SAS Dragon Holdings Limited (HKSE1184).

Dr. Steve. Yeung – CEO

M.Phil. in Information Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ph.D. in Mechanical and Automation Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Before joining iView, Dr. Yeung served University and later a Hong Kong listed company where he headed research and development department from 1999 and served as CTO until 2007. Dr. Yeung managed the commercialization of first outdoor bistable billboard display, followed by the mass volume production of the display technology for application in consumer electronics. He authored over 30 publications in various journals and holds patents in display technologies including LCD, bistable displays, and microdisplays.

Ongoing, Dr. Yeung actively contributes to the Optoelectronics Industry through professional consultation and advisory to academic institutes. He served as an advisor to the Department of Physics and Material Science of the City University of Hong Kong. In addition to that, he takes initiative roles in professional associations including the Hong Kong Photographic and Optical Manufacturing Association, etc. Currently, Dr. Yeung is also a consulting editor of the China Journal of Information Display.

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