Talent Idea

Recruit the best talent

Provide greatest opportunity

Result oriented

Reward the best talent

Training system

Develop different training methods

Professional skills training (for professional and technical personnel) and development management training (for management and marketing personnel)

The system of combining external lecturers with internal lecturers

Everyone is striving to encourage internal lecturers, and assessment and incentive of internal lecturer

Implement employee training credit system

Making annual credit for employees, taking credit into the year-end appraisal system

Compensation and benefits

Salary system

5 days 8 hours, double end performance bonuses

Welfare care

Five social insurance and one housing fund and holiday welfare, employee birthday, statutory holidays, annual leave, the company rewards team construction funds

Employee health

Organize regular basketball, badminton activities, etc

Employee learning

Internal library, regular internal training, etc

Group Activities

See which position is best

Doing what you like and what you are good at can not only bring great rewards, but also bring happiness and happiness to you

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